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Isfahan Cultivation & Dairy Company is the largest livestock supplier with quality products in this industry in iran.

Ghayam Company has started its official activity in agriculture and animal husbandry since the beginning of 1995. The main product of this company is quality wheat and other products include high potential pregnant heifers, pregnant cows, meat, calves and agricultural products.


In total, the uprising company has 2 units of animal husbandry in Isfahan and Avon West.

The company’s total area is about 500 hectares and the area under the cultivation of fields is about 200 hectares. This unit has a fully automatic plant feed plant with a capacity of 10 tons of concentrate per hour and equipped with soy bean extruders. The company’s laboratory for laboratory tests, nutritional tests, microbiology, serology and analysis of the milk is an effective helping to improve the health of the flock.


Adress : 9 km Alavijeh Road , Isfahan – Tehran Highway , Isfahan – Iran

Tel: +98 31 33804333

Fax: +98 31 33801334



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